OK. So you know my name is Martin (What's that guy's name? "House" something?)

martin LA smallI've been in the graphic design industry for over 20 years. Starting in newspapers (those paper things from before www), shifting through advertising, and into designing and printing pretty much everything that can be designed and printed and put online. Magazines, websites, logos, fliers, banner ads, catalogues, end of year balls, (stress balls, golf balls and footballs too, while we're there), T-Shirts (love doing shirts), billboards, dart boards, cheese boards, notice boards, display ads, fine-art printing, illustration and potato cuts.

If it's out there, I've done it, and I love it.

I have even had to deal with MSPublisher files, and PDFs made from PowerPoint - that's commitment.
I grew up learning and loving every medium I could get my hands on - oil paints, watercolours, ink, guache, wax, sandstone, wood, explosives and fire (but that's another story), airbrush, montage.
And then along came the Mac. And along came I.

And then ...

I was lucky, quite simply.
The moment I first switched on a Mac, I was gone. Even on early versions of photoshop, you had paints (so many brushes!) and pencils and airbrush and gradients and cloning and masking and layers and on and on. F-I-L-T-E-R-S! Alien skin! Kai! Graphics, layouts, fonts! Beautiful.
And that was just the beginning. 3D! Whoo hoo. Illustrator! Yes. And ever since, it's been a smorgasboard - all you can eat!
And I dived in without fear and crashed and resurrected so many OS 7 through 9 Macs it was unbelievable (God bless OS X).
And digital sound! Cubase! Live! Out went my Tascam cassette Portastudio (well, actually, I've still got it. It was the hot thing in home recording kit in it's day and I'm kind of sentimental - however, I must ebay my Cassio M10).

Sorry, I forgot what I'm doing here. If you want me to design a nice business card, give me a call.

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