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Graphic Design Studio in Sydney, specialising in graphic design, logo, websites, video production, social media graphics, art and illustration and print design.


Brilliant ideas need brilliant designs. Housemartin Design is a professional graphic design studio with over 20 years industry experience, dedicated to working with you to bring out your best.

You spend a lot of time developing your ideas. Your reputation relies on your professional approach. Is your professionalism represented in the designs?

Our services include graphic design, logo design, web development, video production, social media graphics, art and illustration and print design. The professional team from Housemartin Design can also provide a range of associated services such as audio production, photography and videography.

We work with a large range of clients at all stages of their business development. From logo design and brand ID development for startups, to video production and graphic design for large established internationals.



Housemartin design offers step-by-step support with a comprehensive range of graphic design services.

Digital design

Social media graphics • Banner ads • Hero graphics • Infographics • Icons
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Video production

Comprehensive in-house video production.
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Print design

Housemartin Design offers professional print design services.
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Art & illustration

Commissioned art and illustration services.
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Logo design

Logos designed by Housemartin are effective, affordable and dynamic.
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Web development

Dynamic, contemporary, responsive web development.
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